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Articulated Biting Dragon

Articulated Biting Dragon

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Introducing our extraordinary Biting Dragon – a flexible and mesmerizing 3D printed creation that combines artistry with innovation. This stunning dragon is currently showcased in a sleek Silver finish, but the possibilities are endless, as it can be printed in a spectrum of colors to suit your individual taste. Explore our color swatch photo for a glimpse of available options and feel free to inquire about additional choices.

What sets this dragon apart is not only its substantial size and girth but also its captivating biting action, as demonstrated in the accompanying video of a similar model. Witness the dynamic movement that adds an extra layer of intrigue to this already impressive piece.

To enhance its lifelike appearance, the Biting Dragon is adorned with glass dragon eyes, giving it a realistic and captivating gaze. Standing just over 16" in length, this articulated dragon is a bold and attention-commanding addition to any collection.

As with any 3D printed creation, there may be minor imperfections, but rest assured, we strive to minimize them to the best of our ability. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

When placing your order, specify your color preferences – choose the primary color for the dragon body and, if desired, a secondary color for the head. If you have any questions or special requests regarding colors, please don't hesitate to message us. Elevate your collection with this exceptional Biting Dragon, where imagination meets craftsmanship in a display of dynamic and captivating art.

Materials: PLA Plastic
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