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Destroyed Sword of Omens

Destroyed Sword of Omens

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Destroyed Sword of Omens. Life size destroyed/broken sword for cosplay or display.
This is 3d printed using pla and then hand painted.

Today in the runes we discovered an artifact that was thought to be just myth. We have what is believed to be the Sword of Omens. This artifact was discovered next to the remains of an unknown species, near a large throne.  This discovery is now making us reexamine the Myth of the fall of Lion-O. Excerpts from the Book of Lion-O
...with all of his might he requested all the power from the Sword of Omens and the Sword gave this power because it was being wheeled by a righteous warrior against the greatest evil in the universe. This power was so great it could not only destroy Mumm Ra the Everliving but the evil that contained this being. With this power flowing threw him he became a vessel for the Sword of Omens and used it to Strike Mumm Ra. The power to destroy evil this great does not come without a cost, The Sword of Omens was shattered with this act, as was Lion-O. Now that Mumm Ra was gone the Temple where he lived began to crumble and the remaining ThunderCats had to flee with the now dying Lion-O. In there Haste the Sword of Omens as well as   Lion-O’s Glove was lost.... Its believed that this story dates back to beginning of the Golden Age of New Thundera

Design from Filaments Folly

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Materials: PLA

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