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Falkor The Luck Dragon - Articulated (flexible)

Falkor The Luck Dragon - Articulated (flexible)

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Falkor the luck dragon from the Never Ending Story Movie is flexible and 3D printed in White.

Falkor is very wise, incredibly optimistic, dignified and a very friendly, sophisticated creature from Fantasia. He gives advice when people have lost hope in many things they set out to do, whether in a quest for what they seek or in some cases just beings have given up altogether and lost faith. Mostly during the Nothing's destruction of Fantasia he helps Atreyu along the way of his quest to stop The Nothing. Falkor's attitude purely comes from his heart, it is proven that his openness to making friends means a lot to everyone he encounters, into which Falkor in return treasures every friendship he has. Falkor never wants to make enemies, only those who are threats to his friends or threats in general towards Fantasia itself.

"Never give up, and good luck will find you."

Please note that this is 3d printedand may have may have imperfections. It can be sanded and painted if you choose to do so.
This articulated Falkor Dragon is 13" long.

All credit goes to HEX3D for this 3D model design. The HEX3D Patreon can be accessed at

This is not an officially licensed product. It is only considered FAN ART.
Fan Art is protected under Fair Use.

Materials: PLA

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