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Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist Wallet

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Introducing the sleek and innovative 3D Printed Minimalist Wallet, a modern accessory that combines style, functionality, and cutting-edge technology. This wallet is meticulously crafted using advanced 3D printing techniques, resulting in a minimalist design that is both lightweight and durable.

Customization options add a personal touch to this wallet. With the versatility of 3D printing, you have the opportunity to choose from various colors, and finishes, making it uniquely yours.

Elevate your everyday carry with this state-of-the-art wallet and experience the convenience and elegance it brings to your life.

 This wallet holds credit card sized cards using tension from the elastic band that is embedded inside. This wallet is designed to be carried in a front pocket and to hold 2-6 cards comfortably. I have been using mine for a long time and have never lost a card or worried about them falling out, and yet they slide out easily when needed.

The example photo shows a carbon fiber texture. It is not actual carbon fiber, but it sure looks like it, and at a fraction of the cost. 

These are made to order so it can take a few days for it to ship. Once ordered you can send me a message and I can give you a better idea of when it will be shipped.

Materials: PLA,Stainless steel screws,elastic band
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