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Twist Lock Trick Box - Art Deco top with open panel base

Twist Lock Trick Box - Art Deco top with open panel base

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This is a really fun 3D printed box with a hidden latch mechanism that will keep it securely closed until you twist a particular section of the lid.
This would be great to use for a gift box and fun to watch the recipient struggle to get it open(although it isn’t hard once you know the trick). It makes a good conversational piece anywhere in your home too.

This is made to order. All the pieces are 3D printed in PLA plastic and then assembled. This may show signs of imperfections or variances due to the printing process. This can be sanded and painted if you desire. Let me know and I can ship it loosely assembled so it is easier for you to take apart to finish it to your liking.

Height approximately 3”
Width approximately 3 1/2”

Twist Lock Trick Box (Hexagon) by 3d-printy is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.
No modifications have been made

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